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An experienced caring family physician
you can talk to… like a friend.

Why have a family doctor?

It’s helpful to have an experienced guide you can trust, to navigate through our complex and often impersonal healthcare system. In times of personal and family crisis, you’ll especially need an established relationship with a knowledgeable, empathetic and confidential professional.

Why choose Dr. Roger Dacre?

Roger has practiced as a Family Physician since 1986. Initially in Cambridge, Ontario and at this location since 1997. Roger is proven to be approachable and a talented diagnostician.

What is his education?

Undergraduate training completed in London, England and trained in family medicine at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario achieving certification from the College of Family Physicians of Canada in 1986 and Fellowship in 2004. He regards his education as ongoing and is continually updating his skills in a variety of ways each year.

What are his values?

Roger is committed to providing holistic, evidence-based general medical care for patients of all ages and circumstances. For him the joy in doctoring is in sharing his patients’ struggles and triumphs: sometimes, if only to comfort. Interested in many areas of health, Roger has a special focus on asthma, depression, back pain, sexuality and patient education issues.

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